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      Cixi shunchi electrical appliance co., ltd.
      Add:NO.262 YanJiaRoad,            WanjiaAnZhuangVillage,            ZhouXiangTown,            CiXiCity,ZhengJiang,China.
      Tel:86-574-63033806 / 63033836

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      Cixi momentum of strong economic development, utilization of foreign capital ultra billion dollars

      The rise of the new round of foreign investment is Cixi earth: following the37 foreign investment projects with a total investment of $453000000during the symposium signing up, Science Park, the semiconductor industry large supermarket, five Stars Hotel and a number of majorforeign investment projects in the negotiations went smoothly. This year 1 to July, the city protocol utilized foreign investment of 107360000 US dollars, higher than last year's performance, the actual utilization of foreign capital of $56470000, compared with the same period last yearincreased by 87% and 105%.

      The city seize Hangzhou bay bridge construction opportunity, arrange 100000000 yuan of special funds to support, to speed up the New District of Hangzhou Bay and key characteristics Industrial Park as the core of the entity, the development and construction of industrialinvestment carrier. Located near the South Bank of Hangzhou Bay Bridge bridge site of Hangzhou Bay district planning control area of 120 square kilometers, the first phase of the existing industrial area 10 square kilometers signed 17 projects into the zone, a total investment of 2540000000 yuan, of which foreign subscription amount of 120000000 U. s.dollars. Combined with regional industrial advantages, the city isplanning Chinese Cixi home city of science and technology, Chinese antique furniture city and modern logistics center and a number ofspecial projects. With the setting up a business highlights, highlights theeffect of FDI to the park gathering. Since this year, Cixi industrial parks of various types of actual utilized foreign investment of 27400000 US dollars, accounting for 48% of the total in the city, the introduction of foreign capital.

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