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      Cixi shunchi electrical appliance co., ltd.
      Add:NO.262 YanJiaRoad,                        ZhouXiangTown,            CiXiCity,ZhengJiang,China.
      Tel:86-574-63033806 / 63033836

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            Cixi shunchi electrical appliance co., ltd, found in 1995, our company is located in ningbo, which is the biggest port city in China. the land, sea and air transportation is very convenient. The area of company are 8000 square meters??who is primary in scientific research and producing ??such as all kinds of punch accessory, plastic accessory??hardware accessory and steel tube accessory??which are abroad using to the floodlight, the domestic electric appliances, the electronic instrument, the metering equipment, the automobile air conditioning; Simultaneously we are specialized to produce the series of fittings, such as three feet extendible support, up-down flexible support, four feet erect lamp support, glisten board, portable S siphon, roll siphon and so on.

           Our products get hold of favors from the greatness customers, since our products are launched. And we also export to Japan, Germany, Italy, North America, East Europe. In ten years??we always insist on exploiting unremittingly and creating development. We have a more stronger team, powerful technology ability??advanced machine??and we cooperate with many great enterprise.

            During the company development process??we pay the most attention to the product quality and prestige. In the science age, we wish work together with each customer and profit together.

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